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From the very first night, ItFits! right, ItFits! tight.™

We are proud to offer the ItFits! Foundation Cover as a patent proven technology for the bedding industry. This product is smart and innovative with it’s easy-to-use design that provides a tight and fitted box spring cover.

About ItFits!

The well kept appearance of ItFits! adds to each hotel room’s appeal and promises an exceptional night in your home away from home.


The key difference is patented  “Elastic Triangles” of the Itfits!™ foundation cover vs. elastic around the entire perimeter, as in the standard foundation cover.

▲ ItFits!™ Foundation Cover creates a clean, contemporary look, while remaining highly functional.

 Patent #10,098,485 B2

From the very first night, ItFits! right, ItFits! tight.™

▲ The standard foundation cover makes the bed looks messy, it will shift and move. 

 The ItFits!


From the very first night, ItFits! right, ItFits! tight.™

Saving you money with less time in upkeep for your staff, the ItFits! high quality cover will have less wear and tear, which ultimately leads to an extended product life.

▲ The ItFits! Foundation Cover keeps a tight, crisp, clean look to the bed and doesn’t move!

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