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Window Treatments

Window dressings enhance the personality of any room. They turn a simple cube into a beautiful hotel room, resort, or timeshare. Layered window treatments add depth and luxury to the interior design. Hard or soft, top window treatments are the crowning glory to your hotel window, resort window, or timeshare window design. Read about our window treatment options below. 


Riviera - Dining.jpg

Cadillac Miami Beach, FL


Whether it’s noisy traffic on city streets, flashing neon lights, cold northern winter winds, or the blazing sunrise; our blackout window solutions address these outside elements, allowing your interior design plans to include a restful, serene environment.

RCGRGTN_00140 (1)[553].jpg

Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C.


Long flowing panels lined or unlined provide a luxurious appeal to your windows, and bring a new level of aesthetic appeal to any setting. Pinch-pleated draperies and French-pleated draperies create a cozy atmosphere perfect for a traditional looking window covering.  


Blue Moon Miami, FL


Lace reminiscent of looking out a country chateau resort window; voile panels on open yacht windows or timeshare windows billowing in the sea breezes, lengths of muslin framing your timeshare windows or hotel windows diffusing the summer light.

Decorating windows using sheer panels layered behind more formal treatments or simply hanging window draperies alone, we can help you realize your window decorating scheme.

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