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Hospitality Accessory Collection

Decorator Industries' curated collection of accessories are modern, yet classic. We believe in the beauty of simplicity enhanced by exquisite detail.  



Hardware is an essential element for a completed look. Designed specifically for commercial and institutional applications, where durability is a requirement. All hardware is custom manufactured to meet your design needs. Our DI installers can complete your window treatments installation with a professional touch. Their expertise and attention to  detail will maximize the life and look of all  your products

bedroom in classic style and natural col



Whether it's seat cushions for a bay window  in your community spaces or decorative accent pillows for a room, we can design and manufacture a custom cushion or pillow to fit your exact needs. Oblong, rectangular, square; fringed, corded and embroidered are all possibilities to make the most of your decor. It can add a pop of color and a touch of home to your decor plans.

Luxurious master bathroom with marble ti


Let us create a custom shower curtain to give the bathroom a finished look. Traditional, casual, contemporary;  all customized and enhanced to create a room that encourages rest and rejuvenation.



Transform the ordinary with this unique design option. Utilize embroidery to customize and personalize any project. DI will enhance your product with custom made embroidery designs that could include your facility’s logo or other relevant messages.



Padded and tufted or quilted, the classic warmth of velvets or the contemporary chic of leather... upholstered headboards bring a calm and relaxing ambiance to your rooms.

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