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Top Treatments

Our Window dressings enhance the personality of any room. They turn a simple cube into a beautiful hotel room, resort, or timeshare. Layered window treatments add depth and luxury to the interior design. Hard or soft, top window treatments are the crowning glory to your hotel window, resort window, or timeshare window design. Read about our cornices below. 




Window cornices emphasize a unique window shape, enhancing the style of any room with a custom-designed edge. Incorporating window cornices into your interior design is a great way to conceal the tops of the window treatments. Add softness to window cornices with padding, simply paint or stain and embellish window cornices for a dramatic effect.



So many shapes and sizes to choose from. Pleated valances do a great job dressing hotel windows and motel windows, while gathered valances and arched valances add a luxurious touch to any window. Belted valances and buttoned valances make for a cozy finish to your resort windows or timeshare windows. Additional options include scalloped valances and layered valances, which offer unlimited possibilities to explore when looking for that perfect top treatment.

Elegant curtains in a classic, palace st


Classic elegance frames the view from your window to the outside world. Swags or swag and jabot window combinations provide a variety of window decorating options. Utilizing texture, beautiful shapes, color, and style create your vision of rich tradition to streamlined contemporary window designs.

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