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Healthcare Accessory Collection

Securing patient and resident comfort is all in the details. Contribute to the finished look of your facility with accessories and hardware that bring the finishing touch to the atmosphere you wish to create. We  also offer a wide assortment of cubicle fabrics specifically designed for the healthcare industry. Our polyester cubicle fabrics are 100% inherently flame retardant, washable and some offer antimicrobial properties.




Essential elements for a completed look. Designed specifically for commercial and institutional applications, where durability is a requirement. All hardware is custom manufactured to meet your design needs.

a white shower curtain in an empty showe


Patient care is at the forefront of all that we do. Thus, specific consideration is taken to select just the right fabric to provide privacy.  We also recognize the importance of maintaining all necessary health considerations in regards to fabric demands related to your patients healthcare experience at your facility.



Cubicle curtains or privacy curtains are used in hospitals, nursing homes and many other areas where temporary privacy is necessary. They are fabricated with or without mesh headings. Cubicle curtains are suspended from the ceiling using extruded aluminum track and carriers.  The.ultimate goal is to provide the appropriate supports in environment to protect the patient's privacy and health. All fabrics meet healthcare required codes and keep safety in the forefront of the design.

Cubical Curtains Anchor
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