Our involvement is as much or as little as you need to complete the job with your goals in mind.


Our quoting process allows us to deliver you a detailed quote in 48 hours. This includes all the elements needed for your project - fabric used, yardage required, delivery time and installation - all are factored in and adjusted in this process. Our quotes are custom tailored to whatever your needs are. Fabric can be sourced or you can purchase directly from our exclusive lines. We can base pricing on an entire room or individual pieces. We can also adjust the quote for labor only.


Our designers are talented professionals who know the hospitality industry. They will work with you to translate your vision into reality. They are knowledgeable in fabrics well suited to the industry, will address any requirements specific to your property and will work with you closely to see your concept realized.

Measure / Pre-measure

No two rooms are exactly alike. And it follows that no two windows will be exactly alike. With this in mind our trained team of installers will measure each window individually in all of your rooms to determine exactly how much yardage is required for your project. By determining the exact amount of fabric we can prevent any ordering mistakes allowing us to give you accurate pricing.

Fabric Sourcing

Find the perfect solution for your project. Being in the hospitality industry for over 60 years allows DI, LLC to draw from a large network of fabric sources. You have an idea of the design you’re trying to achieve. Show us a swatch or photograph of a particular fabric and we’ll utilize our network of industry resources. We can look for an exact match or will find options that are very similar. During this process we will also compare pricing to keep your costs within budget.


From a delicate floral design edging sheer window treatments to monograms on bedding, transform the ordinary into a piece unique to your property. DI, LLC will enhance your fabric with custom made embroidery designs and patterns.

Customers Own Material

You’ve chosen your fabric and found a purchasing source. The team at DI, LLC will handle the pre-measure to determine the yardage to be purchased. We also provide quality construction and installation to complete your project with all the professional touches you require.


We deliver your completed project to your expectations. Our scheduling is flexible so we can meet your timing needs and keep all the elements of your project fresh and ready for setup.


DI, LLC works hand-in-hand with our professional installation crews to make sure every detail is addressed. We have complete confidence that their workmanship will meet your every expectation. All our crews are occupationally licensed and trained. We also use unionized installers whenever necessary.