Hospitality Bedding

For Beds

Hotel Bedding Claiming the center of attention in a hotel room is the bed. The way it’s dressed conveys guest comfort to the preoccupied business traveler, active family or relaxing vacationer. Enhance your brand and present a bed that promises a good night’s sleep with bed coverings that have style.


Offering a bit more convenience and economy in bed coverings, our bedspreads are constructed for style and durability. Quilted, un-quilted; prints or solids, trimmed or untrimmed the design possibilities are many.


Paired with a bedskirt and accent pillows this quilted lightweight bed covering creates a fresh and crisp feel when done in woven cottons. Constructed it in soft velvet, and the coverlet takes your bedding to a new status.

Bed Skirts

A bed skirt serves the specific function of hiding the box-spring and bed platform from view. Whether tailored or shirred this element fills the gap between the top treatment and floor, and creates yet another opportunity to enhance your bedding design.

Duvet Covers

The duvet/cover combination presents wonderful design flexibility. Deciding on a traditional duvet or fixed option; choice of fabric, front and back; to trim or not to trim...the choices you make can only enhance the room style.


Sinking in and being embraced...comforters create the look of soft luxury and warmth without the weight. The fluffier, thicker choice in bed coverings, your guests will appreciate this ultimate level in hospitality comfort.

Bed Scarves

This piece of bed fashion serves duo purposes. It ties design elements together by adding a splash of color and texture and protects the coverings underneath from dirt and damage. Dress it up with luxurious velvets or damasks; keep it casual with corduroy or sturdy twills. Band it with contrasting colors; trim it with an unexpected texture.