Drapery Rods

Rod Brand

It is very important if we are making drapes to fit existing rods, that we know what brand name the rod carries. Hand draw batons sometimes require stiffeners to be sewn into the overlaps of the drapery. We must know the brand name of the rod and the catalog number of existing hand draw systems. For snap tape systems it is essential that the brand name, system and catalog number are provided. If you are replacing an existing snap tape drape, send 1 panel in for construction sample.

We need to know the fullness of the snap tape draperies since they are different than pinch pleated drapes. Fullnesses available are 60%, 80%, 100%, and 120%. Fullness is determined by the spacing of the snaps sewn onto the drapes. All other information as previously outlined: two-way or one-way, wall mount or ceiling mount, also applies to snap tape rods.

Ceiling Mounted Rod

Rod is mounted into the ceiling. Center stir-ups are required in this type of installation at recommended interval of three feet.

Wall Mounted Rod

Rod is mounted into the side wall or in the window frame. Center wall supports are required at a recommended interval of three feet.