Cubicle Curtains

Cubicle curtains or privacy curtains are used in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices, sport therapy rooms, and many other areas where temporary privacy is necessary. Cubicle curtains are suspended from the ceiling using extruded aluminum track and carriers.

All fabrics, including mesh, must be Flame Retardant and meet fire code #701 of the National Fire Prevention Association, Boston MA. The most widely used fabrics in cubicles are 72” wide woven. It is common practice to railroad fabric whenever possible in the manufacturing process. On occasion, the direction of the pattern may prevent railroading. Be aware that in using 72” fabric railroaded, the maximum length of the curtain, with mesh, will be approximately 87-88”, and 67-68” if no mesh is used. Typically, the finished width of a cubicle curtain is 10% wider than the track length.

When measuring for cubicle track, be sure to use the following guidelines:

  • Measure the area where cubicle track is to be installed. Do not measure the ceiling. Measuring the floor is the easiest way. Most cubicle track is installed on the metal grid that holds the ceiling tile, which necessitates that you measure to allow for the installation on the grids. If the ceiling is sheet rock, the track can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Measure all bends as square or angle corners. Do not try to measure the shape of the bend. Most bends are curved to a 90 degree for 45 degree direction. Always note if the bends are “special” angle or length. A cubicle track can not be bent on the job site.
  • Always note if light fixtures, pipes, air conditioners, electrical outlets, etc. could be in the way for installation. Do not install cubicle curtains over these items. Where pipes are exposed in older buildings, it is often necessary to use suspended track.

Types of Cubicle Curtains

Without Mesh

A small segment of the market does not allow mesh. Some state and local fire ordinances specify alternatives such as using suspended track or 18” drop carriers. Either alternative would allow for a free flow of water from the overhead sprinklers in case of a fire (See cubicle track components for drop carriers).

With Mesh

This type of cubicle curtain accounts for 95% of all cubicle sales. Most states require mesh with a 1/2” hole measured across in a vertical direction.
Approximately 20” of mesh is sewn to the top of the fabric, allowing distribution of water in case of fire and, also, allows more ventilation and lighting within the space. All mesh must be flame retardant.

Types of Mesh

#100 - 1/2" size holes, available in white and ivory only. It is used as a standard because of its softer hand and is sewn virtually “pucker” free.

#50—1/2” size holes, available in assorted colors, per sample swatches. Nylon is much stiffer than #100 polyester and leaves a puckered seam when sewn. We recommend using this mesh only when colored mesh is specified.

Types of Cubicle Carriers


Three types of carriers are offered as options on all track. Performance and price vary greatly in the styles offered. Premium carriers are approximately $.85 each, the economy are 55% less and the buttons are 20% less than the economy. Both of the premium and economy carriers should have a body outside dimension greater than the outside dimension of the wheels for stability and “NO JAM” operation. All track systems are supplied with 2-3 carriers per lineal feet of track.


Drop Carriers

A wide body design with stainless steel axle and hooker atlas. Connecting 6” lengths are integrated into one continuous line. All carriers are made of a non-conductive material.

18" Drop Carrier (2 shown)

Cubicle Track Systems

Cubicle track with a splicer joining straight track to a 2 foot bend has several advantages over the one piece track.

  • Normal packages can be shipped via UPS
  • Crating charges per rod are eliminated
  • Pieces can be easily handled by one installer, where one piece tracks, in some instances, may require two installers.
  • One piece track is difficult, and at times, impossible to maneuver where elevators or tight corners are encountered on the job site.

A sleeve type splicer must be used. A sleeve splice fits snugly around all four sides of the track, assuring a smooth, tight fit. The track must be properly butted together during installation to allow the carriers to roll properly. All cubicle track must have a permanent end cap and a drop out end. It is at the drop out end that carriers can be added or removed. Track shall be surface mounted and can be recessed or suspended.

Cubicle Track

  • Manufactured with extruded aluminum (6063-T5 alloy with clean commercial anodized finish).
  • 1 1/4” x 7/8” outside dimension.
  • Carrier slot in track shall be .385 width to allow installation with a hex head driver and #8 hex head screws.
cubicle track


Splicers shall be of same material as the track and have an inside dimension of .005 plus or minus the outside dimension of the track and shall be a leave type to fit all four sides of the track.

cubicle splicer

Cubicle Track Layouts


L-shaped with one 90 degree bend. Spliced track bends can be installed in either a right hand or a left hand direction. It is not necessary to specify Right or Left when ordering. This layout is used in most semi-private rooms and will account for an excess of 80% of orders.

Cubicle L-Shaped Track


U-shaped with two 90 degree bends. Also used on rare occasion in semi-private rooms and around whirlpool tubs. Less than 1% of order are in this configuration.

Cubicle U-Shaped Track


This layout, using one 90 degree bend and one 45 degree bend is used in less than 15% of all cubicle track purchases.

Cubicle 90-45 Track