COM Policies & Procedures

  • All C.O.M. fabrics need to be inspected before shipping to us. Please check carefully for flaws, as it is impossible for us to determine what may or may not be acceptable to you or your customer. We will assume that all C.O.M. fabric has been inspected and is acceptable to manufacture product when it is received by us.
  • In the event that we damage or lose your C.O.M. fabric, we limit our liability to the wholesale price of the fabric, or a maximum liability of $5 per yard. Wholesale price is determined by what Decorator’s cost would have been in buying the fabric.
  • If C.O.M. requirements are less than 100 yards, please have the fabric shipped in one continuous piece. Fabric not shipped in one piece could result in more fabric being needed, due to waste, cut length, etc.
  • Unused fabric WILL be returned to a specified destination upon completion of any order. If you would like extra product manufactured with any excess fabric, please state your request on your order form.
  • Please include an extra copy of your order with the fabric. It helps us to quickly identify and assign it to the correct order.
  • For fabrics with a repeat, that requires a pattern match, add one repeat per width of fabric used.
  • Include pattern name and color when ordering.

Please contact our order entry department and they will advise you as to which production facility to ship your COM fabric.

C.O.M. Department
1400 E. Ash Street
Abbotsford, WI 54405