Bedspread Information


  • Quilted bedspreads are quilted on a wide bed computerized lock-stitch machine which will give a continuous quilt pattern across the bedspread.
  • All quilt patterns have uniform 8 stitches per inch.
  • Standard quilt patterns for narrow fabrics are Diamond and Onion.
  • Standard quilt pattern for wide fabrics is Diamond #8
  • Several optional quilt patterns are available as outlined in the bedspread section.
  • Standard fiber fill is DECO brand, bonded, 100% polyester with 6 ounces per linear yard.
  • DECO brand bonded 8oz, 10oz or 12 oz per linear yard are available as options.
  • The loft is always the same on a bedspread regardless of the width of fabric used in manufacturing and is always equivalent to 6 or 8 ounces per linear yard of 54” fabric.
  • Backing and batting come as 126” wide, seamless.
  • Bedspread backings available are:
    • Poly/Cotton - white or ivory
    • Avora FR - white
    • Polyester - white, ivory or colored
    • DI Backing – 6 colors available.
  • Top quilting thread is a #D-23 nylon.
  • Seams and hems are sewn with core-spun cotton thread.
  • Top quilt thread color will be matched to the fabric color.
  • Seams are over-locked with a safety stitch.
  • Hems are lock-stitched using 6 stitches per inch.
  • The perimeter of the entire bedspread is surged with an over-lock stitch before hemming to prevent unraveling.
  • Commercial pattern match is standard, if a complete pattern match is required please specify on your quote request or order.
  • Cleaning instruction and size labels are sewn into each bedspread.
  • Bedspreads are machine washable, but must be washed using warm water, mild detergent, no bleach, no fabric softener and tumble dried.
  • Excessive heat must be avoided in both the washing and drying process.
  • Bedspreads are manufactured to a standard size with a manufacturing variance of +/- 1”.
  • Bedspread sizes are based on 21” side drops. Any variations from the 21” standard drop must be specified on the order as it is a determining factor on the finished size.
  • Bedspreads are sewn with mitered corners.
  • All bedspreads are manufactured to make optimum use of the fabric and eliminate fabric waste.
  • In the event that a custom construction is required, a quote will be necessary.
  • When specifying narrow width fabrics, the panels must be pre-seamed prior to quilting. A full width center panel should be specified if a complete pattern match is required.
  • A bedspread worksheet is suggested to accompany each order or quote request. All information on the worksheet is essential to assure we are manufacturing the bedspread per the customers requirements & satisfaction.

Bedspread Styles

Throw Style
Throw w/Jumbo Welt
Reverse Sham
Reverse Sham w/Welt
Fitted w/Kick Pleat
Waterfall Fitted
Mock-Fitted Coverlet w/separate Bedskirt
Fitted w/Captain's Corners

Comforter Styles

Throw Style
Mock Fitted

Dust Ruffle Styles

Tailored Dust Ruffle
Gathered Dust Ruffle
Box Pleated Dust Ruffle

Pillow Shams

Box Pleated Dust Ruffle
Box Pleated Dust Ruffle

Standard Patterns

Box Pleated Dust Ruffle
Box Pleated Dust Ruffle
Box Pleated Dust Ruffle
Box Pleated Dust Ruffle

Optional Quilt Patterns

New Brick
Contempo Diamond
Square- 2x2, 3x3, 6x6, 8x8, 12x12