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Upcoming Tradeshow in Saint Charles, Missouri

March 26th-29th 2017

 3:29 PM CST

Decorator Industries, located in Abbotsford, WI has been manufacturing custom crafted interior furnishings for the hospitality industry since 1953. Over the last 50 years they have grown into a world-leading manufacturer by focusing on their mission to supply the highest quality experience to both their customers and employees. For their customers, they are a “first cut” producer, meaning they only use the best (first) fabrics produced by top choice vendors. For their employees they offer per-piece profit sharing and are continuously investing in automation to improve employee productivity (and therefore raising per-piece throughput). When they began bidding a job to replace all of the window blinds, shades, and black-out curtains for a nation-wide hotel chain in the fall of 2015, they turned to Carlson Design to automate their blind cutting.

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As you know, we donate fabric and spreads to an organization called The Hands Foundation. They provide homeless Veterans with blankets, bags, etc. St. Paul's Lutheran Church used the quilting material to make 22 quilts and 25 bags for the Vets. We received a card of thanks and a photo showing (more)